New Graphics

10/01 Creepy Scorpion Dolls
09/25 Haunted House Background
09/22 Star Witch Graphics
09/12 Dark Tombs
09/05 Wicked Pumpkins
08/31 Baby Elephants
08/24 Pumpkin Carriages
08/14 Autumn Tide Fairies
08/08 Autumn Boothouses
08/02 Vintage Seahorse
07/27 More Scrolls
07/17 Teapot Houses
07/12 Mischief Makers
07/03 Statue of Liberty
06/28 Garden Splendor
06/20 Just Fishing Scrap
06/12 Fairy Bug Graphics
06/04 Garden of Eden
05/30 Ruby Goth Star
05/21 Star Patriotic Fairy
05/17 Pretty Peacock Fairy
05/08 Family Tree Graphics
04/26 Rainbow Fairies
04/19 Summer Garden
04/11 Egyptian Temple
04/05 Springtime Star
03/29 Sunny Bunny Tubes
03/23 Blue Star Tubes
03/18 Cutest Bunny
03/13 Irish Rose Graphics
03/04 Irish Graphics
03/04 Leprechaun Graphics
02/21 Fairy Lamp Graphics
02/16 Mardi Gras Peacock
02/12 Key To My Heart
02/05 Fantasy Deers
02/01 Jester Tubes
01/22 Cute Cupid Graphics
01/16 Bloody Hearts
01/10 Love Garden Graphics
01/05 Wizard's Keep Graphics
12/31 Steam Punk Clock Tubes
12/26 Chinese Lantern Tubes
12/20 Snowman Tubes
12/18 Just Christmas Wings
12/14 Bah-humbug Christmas Fairies
12/07 Gnome Cottage
12/02 Gnome Ornaments
11/24 Tree of Light
11/19 Harvest Graphics
11/16 November Tree Tubes
11/10 Red Christmas
11/04 Fall Gnome Graphics
11/02 Autumn Leaf Graphics
10/30 Angel of Death
10/27 Cauldron Graphics
10/25 Cemetery Graphics
10/23 Goth Graphics
10/17 Spider Web Graphics
10/14 Old Tombstones
10/06 Halloween Scenes
09/29 Fall Tree Spirit
09/21 Autumn Backgrounds
09/17 Vintage Pumpkins
09/15 Halloween Text
09/07 Spooky Wings
08/28 Trick-or-treat Faes
08/20 Tombstone tubes
08/12 Fall Fairy tubes
08/03 Foal tubes
07/24 Coneflower tubes
07/16 Graceful Horse tubes
07/04 Baby Dragon tubes
06/23 Fairy Tree
06/14 Grunge Signs
06/05 Wedding Graphics
05/24 Military Babe Tubes
05/19 Outhouse graphics
05/09 Young Unicorns
05/03 Fairy Backgrounds 2
04/26 Meadow Backgrounds
04/18 Lil Spring Fae Tubes
03/25 Spring Unicorns
03/04 Unicorn graphics
02/22 Mardi Gras Jesters
02/16 Mushroom Tubes
10/25 Haunted Room Expan.
10/19 Rat Tubes
09/22 Zombie Tubes
08/13 Toy Tubes
07/29 Babies
07/17 Room Backgrounds 2
07/08 Fairy Flowers 2 Tubes
06/30 Room Backgrounds
06/22 Happy Clown Tubes
06/07 Native American
05/27 Sassy Cat Tubes
05/13 Fant. Mushrooms 2
05/06 Fairy Flower Tubes
04/30 Dress Shop Tubes
04/23 Sweet Dreams Tubes
04/15 Hummingbird Tubes
04/07 Gerbera Tubes
03/08 Regal Scroll Tubes
02/26 Fantasy Tubes
02/19 Toon Crab Tubes
01/12 Monkey Tubes
10/08 Dark Room Backs
10/04 Fairy Wing Tubes
09/30 September Fae Tubes
09/28 Burtonesque Vines
09/22 Classy Goth Tubes
09/10 Berry Dragon Tubes
08/22 August Fairy Tubes
08/11 Wise Owl Tubes
08/11 Schoolhouse Tubes
08/05 Birthday Cakes Part 2
07/29 July Fairy Tubes
07/26 Birthday Cake
07/16 Birthday Clown Tubes
07/16 Birthday Balloons
07/12 Fawn Tubes
07/04 Candy Land Tubes
06/26 Cute Kid Fairy Tubes
06/19 Fairy Houses 2
06/11 June Fairy Tubes
06/06 Fairytale Castles
05/31 May Fairy Tubes
05/22 Beautiful Fairy Tubes
05/13 Mushroom Houses
05/05 Fairy Backgrounds

ButterflyWebGraphics Clipart Downloads

Welcome! This site offers Free graphics, a Membership with clipart downloads and high quality PSP Tubes. We have thousands of royalty-free graphics and our collection is ever growing!

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Fall and Harvest Clipart | Halloween Clipart

Welcome in cooler days with our fall and harvest graphics. You'll count our high-quality royalty-free clip art among your blessings. Or, if you dare, check out our spooktacular Halloween graphics.

Autumn Tree Spirit Graphics
Autumn Tree Spirit
Autumn Gnomes
Fall Bounty Fairies
Fall Bounty Fairies

Fairy and Fantasy Graphics

We have a trove of fairy and fantasy graphics--those special little design elements and magical things that will make your designs stand out.

Princess Berry
Princess Berry
Magic Mushroom fantasy Graphics
Digitally Painted Fairy Graphics
Fairy Graphics

Featured Graphics

A sampling of some member favorites. From fantasy graphics, to animals, weddings, birthdays, and more we're sure to have the right clipart for your design needs.

Elegant Wedding Graphics
Unicorn Graphics
Fairy Meadow scenic Background Graphics
Fairy Meadow
Graceful Horse Graphics
Horse Graphics
Jester Graphics
Jester Graphics
Nurse Graphics
Nurse Graphics
Coneflower Graphics
Flower Graphics
Birthday Clown Graphics
Clown Graphics
Light Fairy Graphics
Light Fairy Graphics

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Our graphics are great for all kinds of design projects, including scrapbooking, DIY crafts, print projects, web design, embroidery designs, fabric transfers, card making, address labels, business cards, newsletters, stationery, invitations, t-shirts, banners, crafts you print, paper crafts, greeting cards, digital stamps, notelets, stickers, notecards, fundraising projects, address, cafe express items, incredimail, graphic design and much more! The possibilities are endless.

Featured Freebie

Free Irish Fairy Graphics

Free Irish Fairy Graphics

4 Fairies in the PNG format for your St. Pat'sdesigns.

Graphic Downloads

angel psp tubes and Poser Tube Download Packageangel graphicsAngels & Cherubs
animal psp tubes and Poser Tubesanimal graphicsAnimals
Autumn and Thanksgiving psp tubes and Poser TubesThanksgiving graphicsAutumn and Thanksgiving
baby psp tubes and Poser Tubesbaby graphicsBabies
background images and  psp tubesBackground GraphicsBackground Images
birthday psp tubesbirthday graphicsBirthday
bugs and insect psp tubes and Poser TubesBug and Insect graphicsBugs & Insects
character psp tubes and Poser TubesCharacter graphicsCharacters
Christmas and winter psp tubes and Poser TubesChristmas graphicsChristmas and Winter
design elements for psp and PhotoshopDesign ElementsDesign Elements
Easter and Spring psp tubes and Poser TubesEaster graphicsEaster and Spring
fairy and pixie psp tubes and Poser Tubesfairy graphicsFairies
fairy of the month psp tubes and Poser Tubesfairy graphicsFairy of the Month
fantasy psp tubes and Poser Tubesfantasy graphicsFantasy
flower psp tubes and Poser TubesFlower graphicsFlowers and Plants
food psp tubes and Poser TubesFood graphicsFood and Cooking
goth psp tubes and Poser TubesGoth graphicsGoth
halloween psp tubes and Poser TubesHalloween graphicsHalloween and Horror
harlequin and jester psp tubes and Poser TubesHarlequin graphicsHarlequin and Jesters
medical psp tubes and Poser Tubesmedical graphicsMedical
mermaid psp tubes and Poser Tubesmermaid graphicsMermaids and Aquatic
patriotic psp tubes and Poser Tubespatriotic graphicsPatriotic
props and furniture psp tubes and Poser Tubesfurniture graphicsProps and Furniture
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school psp tubesschool graphicsSchool
summer psp tubes and Poser Tubessummer graphicsSummer
valentine psp tubes and Poser Tubesvalentine graphicsValentine
vintage and Victorian psp tubes and Poser TubesVintage clipartVintage and Victorian
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witches and wizards psp tubes and Poser Tubeswitch and wizard graphicsWitches and Wizards

Single Tube Categories

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animal psp tubesPSP tube categoriesAnimals
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architecture psp tubesPSP tube categoriesArchitecture
autumn psp tubesPSP tube categoriesAutumn
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