Wicked Pumpkin Graphics

17 Halloween Horror images in the PNG format

Wicked Pumpkin Graphics

Terrifying jack-o-lanterns for your Halloween design needs…but be careful, they bite!

Wicked Pumpkin Graphics

These jack-o-lanterns are the stuff made of nightmares.

Truly wicked jack-o-lantern graphics with a variety of evil faces.

These are very likely the most wicked jack-o-lanterns that I’ve ever seen, absolutely fearsome. You better run if you see something like this rise out of the pumpkin patch. They look like they’d bite…and I’d wager that they would. In scalding orange, they’re bold, bright, and evil-looking. Their eyes are glowing green orbs, passionate and ferocious. Their piranha-like teeth appears to be very sharp. In fact, they’re the stuff of nightmares, making them the perfect offering for great horror designs. In fact, I’m itching to use them in some Halloween scenes. They would even work in some horrific sci-fi projects.

Wherever some grimness is required, these jack-o-lanterns would fill the bill nicely. Some of them remind me of that terrifying clown from Stephen King’s, It, and they definitely have some vague Nightmare on Elm Street quality as their¬†expressions conveys some kind of carnival-like eccentric madness.

So what in blazes would you use them for? Just about any horror-themed project would be perfect from scrap booking, to tag-making, card-making, and whatever it is you make. If printed and hung on the walls, they’d even make some awesome decorations. Numerous other print projects would suit these horrifying guys too. From table decorations to party invitations, they’d make some of the most terrifying printable projects, and party decorations.

The size of these images varies, but they are approximately 1600 X 1500 pixels pixels. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects.

This package is one zip file, which is approximately 28 MB.

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