Star Witch Graphics

27 Halloween Witch PNG files

Star Witch Graphics

Double, double toil and trouble, some Halloween witches for you.
I used my Bubbling Cauldron and Haunted Path
Packages to create this scene.

Star Witch Graphics

These witch graphics would be perfect for tags and scrapbooks.

Star Witch Graphics

The actual images have no drop shadows.
Not all are shown.

Star Witch Graphics

hese fun characters will be a great addition
for all kinds of digital creations.

Star Witch Graphics

I can’t decide which witch is my favorite.

Some Star Witch Graphics especially for you.

I’m already decorating. There’s a glowing pumpkin beside the mantel and fake spider webs have been strewn everywhere. Somewhere in the house, I have a full-size skeleton, but I can’t find him. Maybe he’s in the closet. Ha, ha!

I’m also doing some digital decorating. In fact, I’ve been working on Halloween designs all summer so I’ve had a bit of a head start when it comes to getting into the spirit of the season. Trust me, I look forward to the holiday. To me, Halloween is a lot of spooky fun. Even better, it comes with candy and a lot of other tasty treats.

Here’s one of my latest fall creations, a package of yummy Halloween witch graphics–I must be hungry from thinking about all of the Halloween goodies that I intend to make this year.

Star is truly one of my favorite characters. I love working with her. She renders so beautifully. I look forward to using her for future projects, but this witch package is particularly sweet. I’m yearning to use these graphics in some projects of my own.

I always have favorites when I do a package. It’s hard to decide with this package, but I think the African American witch in the last promo image is my personal favorite. Which is yours?

Anyhow, there are 27 PNG files in this package, including 5 brooms and some Halloween seamless tiles. One of the tiles is a flashy rainbow spider web tile that you don’t want to miss. It’s super awesome and you’ll likely find lots of uses for it in your projects. You can see it using the link below.


Download Star Halloween Witch


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