Star Leprechaun Graphics

29 St. Patrick’s Day images in the PNG format

Star Leprechaun Graphics

These lovely Star Leprechaun graphics will bring you luck.

Star Leprechaun Graphics

Each lovely leprechaun is full of Irish beauty and charm.

Star Leprechaun Graphics

They come in several poses.

Star Leprechaun Graphics

And there’s an ethnic version of each leprechaun.

Star Leprechaun Graphics

Not all are shown. The leprechauns in the promo images have been greatly reduced.

Star Leprechaun Graphics

Enjoy some Irish luck and a pot of gold!

These Star Leprechaun Graphics will bring you a lot of Irish luck just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re a treasure trove of Irish beauty and charm, and they come with gleaming pots of gold. They are cheerful and are sure to lift hearts this St. Patrick’s Day. I hope they inspire many sweet dreams of spring and hope for what may come. They are certainly eye-catchers and will give your designs a festive touch.

There are several leprechauns in this package in various poses. Some wear pants and others wear a festive green silk shirt. Some carry glittering pots of gold. An ethnic version of each leprechaun is included. These graphics would be great for scrapbooks, tags, and for card making.

I’ve also included the leprechaun pot, bow, and shamrock that I used to make the seamless that’s in this package. Use the tile as a texture, for flood fills, to create papers, or whatever your heart dreams up.

We offer a huge collection of St. Patrick’s day graphics–everything from four leaf clovers to rainbows. Check out my St. Patrick’s Day Graphics collection here.

Use these images for scrapbook pages, cards, tags, a background for your artwork, or for countless other projects.

The size of these masks are about 2000 X 2000, but the size of the other graphics in this package varies. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects.

Members can use the tubes for personal or commercial projects, including web design, template design, graphic design, t-shirt design, candy wrappers, scrapbook designs, signature tags, and more. If you have any questions, pleaseĀ email me.

This package is two zip files, which are about 13-36 MB each.

Download Star Leprechaun Graphics #1

Download Star Leprechaun Graphics #2

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