Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics

32 tombstone graphics in the PNG format

Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics

Humorous tombstones with real epitaphs.

Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics

Some graveyard humor for your Halloween designs.

Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics

Many tombstones to choose from, some in very old styles.

Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics

Tickle someone’s funny bone with these Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics.

Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics to instill some humor in your Halloween designs. I kid you not–these are all epitaphs from actual tombstones. I spent a lot of time “digging” them up, (pun intended) because I  thought they were amusing and would make some cool digital graphics.

This package includes several tombstone graphics. Some of the text has been repeated on different stones. There’s also two cross tombstones and some “blank” tombstones in case you want to create your own unique epitaph.

I suggest that after you put them on a background that you do a “color balance” to balance out the color between the tombstones and the background. I’ve not done this to the tombstones in the promos. And if you re-size them, I suggest that you sharpen them.

There are 32 royalty free, high-quality clip art PNG images in this package. All of these images (except the background) have transparent backgrounds making it easy for you to use them as tubes or nozzles–or merely to drop into your design.

The size of these images varies but they are approximately 1400 X 1800 pixels. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects.

Perfect for web design, template design, graphic design, t-shirt design, candy wrappers, scrapbook design, print transfers, DIY crafts, card making, embroidery designs, fabric blocks, address labels, business cards, newsletters, stationery, invitations, banners, crafts you print, paper projects, digital stamps, notelets, stickers, note cards, signature tags, and more. Please read my terms to learn more.

This package is two zip files, which is about 44-55 MB each.

Download Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics 1

Download Real Epitaph Headstone Graphics 2

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