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Adorable nurses for your medical-related designs

Nurse Tubes, a collection of adorable medical characters in scrubs is just what the doctor ordered for your graphic designs. They can represent nurses, doctors, medical assistants, dental assistants, health care students, veterinary assistants, or any other medical professional–though you may prefer my Animal Nurse Tubes packages for animal and pet-related health care themes. They come in several scrub colors from white to hospital green, and some of them yield a syringe and are ready to give you a shot.

These graphics will be perfect for countless projects, including “Get Well” themes. A separate stethoscope and three syringes are included for an added shot of authenticity, and because they look cool. Let these tireless angels of mercy bring you some healing and inspiration while you honor nurses. What’s more, they’re super┬ácute and will decorate your projects beautifully.

These nurse tubes would be great for a scrapbook, work-related posters or projects, newsletters, to use in slide shows, or just to honor the noble profession through your designs.

The size of these images varies, but they are approximately 1000 X 2000+ pixels. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects, including scrapbooks.

Members can use the tubes for most personal or commercial projects, including tag making, graphic design, t-shirt design, mug design, candy wrappers, digital and print scrapbooks, and card making, stationery, posters, web design, newsletters, print projects, ebook cover designs, and much more, but please read my terms to learn more.


This package has been divided into three zip files which are approximately 1-33 MB each.

Download Nurse Tubes Part #1

Download Nurse Tubes Part #2 Ethnic Version

Download Nurse Tubes Part #3 Syringes and stethoscope



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