Welcome to the new ButterflyWebGraphics!

I’ve worked on this design since the late summer. I started with a fancy design but abandoned it in favor of a simple design that put greater emphasis on the graphics–as graphics are what this site is about.

There’s still much for me to do.

I’ve not yet transferred all of the graphics packages. And then, there’s also the Single Tube Categories and Victorian Graphics section to go. Each day, I’m adding more graphics packages, but I’ve decided to transfer the Single Tubes and Victorian graphics slowly. Until then, you can still access them via the old Membership area.

Important update: Some subscribers said they were confused about how to find the newest graphics, so I’ve created a “New” category, which will list the newest packages. The sidebar, which lists my “Recent Uploads” are not necessarily my latest graphics, but the latest packages that I’ve added to the site. I hope this resolves the confusion.

And some subscribers said they were confused about how to log in. There’s no longer a membership area. All you must do to download the graphics is click on a zip file link, which is at the bottom of each graphics page. A log in box will come up. This is really not any different than it was before.

So what’s new?

  • There’s now a search feature. Members have requested this feature for a long time. I’ve used this new feature many times, and it’s a wonderful improvement.
  • All of the files on the new site are PNG files. No more PSP files. The PSP files have been a huge problem¬†for people who don’t use Paint Shop Pro. Plus, PNG files take up much less hard drive space. You’ll find that there are fewer zip files for the packages that I’ve converted.
  • There’s now no Membership area. It’s really not needed. I prefer to have all of my content visible to the public, nothing hidden. To download the graphics, you merely need to click on the zip file link. A box will come up where you can log in.
  • Some of the very old packages and single tubes have, or will be, permanently retired. I will package some of the single tubes into collections and list them under the “Graphics Archive” category.
  • A few of the graphics packages have been renamed to make them more SEO friendly.
  • Some of the Category names are a bit different as well, but if you feel lost, you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for with the search feature.
  • You can now click the little heart on each graphics page to indicate that you like the graphics.
  • As new graphics packages are added to the site, they will show up at the top of the Home Page and Graphics Page, so you will easily be able to find the latest graphics.
  • You can now comment on each graphics page.
  • And finally, the site is now mobile friendly. This was the main issue that prompted me to make a major site change. In this day and age, being mobile friendly really isn’t an option but a necessity. Besides a major redesign was long overdue.

I hope you like the new site design and will enjoy your time here. As always, I’m dedicated to creating high-quality graphics for you.

If you have any problems with the new site, find broken links, or have any suggestions, please feel free to write to me. You can email me or write to me via Facebook–there’s now a Facebook page for ButterflyWebgraphics.¬†You will probably hear from me sooner if you email me.

Best wishes,
Bobette Bryan