Little Reindeer Graphics

30 Chistmas stock images in the PNG format

Little Reindeer Graphics

A collection of cute reindeers.

Little Reindeer Graphics

Many to choose from. Not all are shown.

Little Reindeer Graphics

The snowy Christmas tree background I used in these promo images is included.

Little Reindeer Graphics

The cutest reindeers in the North Pole await you.

Little Reindeer Graphics–a collection of adorable deers that will be the perfect subject or embellishment for your holiday designs. I used them in my Christmas Lady Rose package, and I’m sure to use them often in the future as they’re so incredibly cute and full of the holiday spirit. They seem to hold the warm nostalgic appeal of Christmas past.

Several reindeer are included, including a female version with tiny antlers. I’m throwing in the colorful snowy Christmas tree scene and the reindeer couple I used in my first promo to add some holiday romance.

These reindeer are sure to add the cheer, visual appeal, and warmth wherever they’re used this holiday season. They’re one of my favorites, and I’m sure they will become one of your favorites as well as they will be perfect for so many holiday design projects.

For more Winter and Christmas themed graphics, don’t miss my: huge collection of Holiday Graphics.

The background I’ve included is 2396 X 2681. And the reindeer vary greatly but are about 1200 X 2400.

Perfect for web design, template design, graphic design, t-shirt design, candy wrappers, scrapbook design, print transfers, DIY crafts, card making, embroidery designs, fabric blocks, address labels, business cards, newsletters, stationery, invitations, banners, crafts you print, paper projects, digital stamps, notelets, stickers, notecards, signature tags, and more. Please read my terms to learn more.

This package is one zip file, which is about 60 MB.

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