Haunted House Background

A Halloween scene in the PNG format

Haunted House Background

An ultra-creepy haunted house scene. A trimmed-down view.

Haunted House Background

The Full view of the haunted house scene.
The image has been greatly reduced.

Haunted House Background

The haunted house background in the second color variation

Set the mood with this creepy Haunted House Background

This package contains a haunted house background in two color variations, a wild eccentric blue and sinister tombstone silver. The backgrounds are 2400 X 3600.

The creepy old place is surrounded by an equally creepy cemetery. The moon is full and bright behind a spooky tree. The windows are boarded up–whether to keep something in or to keep something out, God only knows. But the property appears to have been abandoned for a long, long time. One gets an immediate sense, however, that there’s something there among the shadows…something that hasn’t drawn a breath in ages. Who knows what lurks behind the closed doors. Who knows what evil lies among those gray and weathered tombstones.

As you ponder the terrifying scene before you, light streams from the second story windows. Something or someone is there indeed.

But only you can solve the mystery.

Simply download this Haunted House background and decorate it to your heart’s content. Shed some light on the happenings there, or, at least, offer some clues. Let the evil that lurks in the darkness be seen. In the process, you’ll make a Halloween design that’s absolutely haunting. And haunted houses have always been a Halloween favorite.

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This package is one zip file, which is approximately 28 MB.

Download Haunted House Background


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