Cute Cat Tubes

130 kitty graphics in the PNG format

Cute Cat Tubes

Cute cat graphics for your designs.

Cute Cat Tubes

Lots of kitties to choose from–take one home.

Cute Cat Tubes

Some are even nobility and wear a cool crown.

These kitties are so cute that you’ll
want to take them all home.

This package includes, a white cat, a Siamese cat, an orange tabby cat, a calico cat, a black cat, a black and white cat, and a gray tabby cat–only a few are shown in the promo images. There are 130 kittie graphics in all!

These cool cats come in a variety of poses, some even have crowns and angel wings. Each kitten is adorable and will be perfect for countless design projects and a favorite of all cat lovers.

There are 130+ royalty free, high-quality clip art PNG files in this package. All of these graphics have transparent backgrounds, making it easy for you to use them as tubes or nozzles–or merely to drop into your design.

The size of these images varies but most are 2000 X 2500 pixels . All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects, including scrapbooking. None of these tubes have drop shadows.

Members can use the tubes for numerous design projects, scrapbooks, candy wrappers, tags, web design, and more. Read my terms to learn more.

This package has been divided into 6 zip files which are approximately 20-54 MB each.

Download Cute Cat Tubes–Black Cats

Download Cute Cat Tubes–Siamese Cats

Download Cute Cat Tubes–White Cats

Download Cute Cat Tubes–Orange Calico

Download Cute Cat Tubes–Gray Cats

Download Cute Cat Tubes–Black and White Cats

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