Creepiest Trees Graphics

12 Halloween Horror images in the PNG format

Creepiest Trees Graphics

You wouldn’t want to take a stroll through these haunted woods.
This finished background is included in this package.

Creepiest Trees Graphics

This finished background is included in this package. Create some Halloween horror.

Creepiest Trees Graphics

This finished background is included in this package. These woods are beautiful but deadly.

Creepiest Trees Graphics

This package has a lot of creepy tree graphics to help you create your spooky scene..

Creepiest Trees Graphics

Thumbnails of all of the creepy trees.

The creepiest trees in the woods with glowing eyes and gnarly branches.

Fill your woods with horror with the help of this Creepiest Trees Graphics package. This package holds a batch of the creepiest trees in the woods for your Halloween and horror designs. There are nine creepy trees in this package so you have a large selection to choose from. All but one has wicked, glowing eyes–all are eager to seek a victim.

I’m also including some backgrounds I made. One of the backgrounds features these horrific trees and the others are variations without the main trees so that you can use them for any Halloween or horror scene. They’re ready for you to add your own horror subjects to–eerie trees, wicked witches, horrifying monsters, spooky ghosts, haunted houses–whatever nightmare you dream up.

Members can do whatever you want with these backgrounds, recolor them, resize them, just as long as you have some Halloween fun, and create to your heart’s content.

Whatever you use these trees for, they will set the mood for Halloween horror.

Other graphics I used to create the backgrounds include my:
Dark Tomb Graphics
Haunted Cemetery House Tubes
Spooky Signs Kit

The size of these images varies, but they are approximately 1500 X 2200 pixels. The backgrounds are 1920 X 1357 pixels. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects.

Members can use the tubes for various personal or commercial projects, including web design, template design, graphic design, t-shirt design, candy wrappers, scrapbooking, and for signature tags, but please read my terms to learn more. If you have any questions, please email me.

This package is one zip file, which is approximately 44 MB.

Download Creepiest Trees Graphics


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