Adorable Mice Tubes

27 mouse PNG files with transparent backgrounds

Adorable Mice Tubes

Cute mice in a variety of poses for your designs. you can create an entire family.

Adorable Mice Tubes

These mice have loads of character.

Adorable Mice Tubes

A mice couple is included in this package.

Adorable Mice Tubes

These mice graphics are one-of-a-kind.

The cutest mice in the universe and in soft pastel shades.

Adorable Mice Tubes. You’ll welcome these whimsical mice into your home–and in your designs. They’re the cutest mice imaginable and, decked out in their finest evening apparel, they bring to mind beloved fairy tales. Among them are some romantic mice couples who gaze at each other with starry eyes.

A whole mouse family can be created with these images as they come in a variety of hair styles.

Most of the mice are done in shades of the palest blue, but there are also some pink clad mice and a couple in white–great for a wedding design. In fact, these mice would be great for countless projects, including scrapbooking, graphic design, and web design.

The size of these images varies, but they are approximately 2000 X 2000+ pixels. All are 300 DPI, making them great for print projects.

Members can use the tubes for many types of projects, including web design, template design, graphic design, t-shirt design, candy wrappers, scrapbook design, print transfers, DIY crafts, card making, embroidery designs, fabric blocks, address labels, business cards, newsletters, stationery, invitations, banners, crafts you print, paper projects, digital stamps, notelets, stickers, notecards, signature tags, and more. Please read my terms to learn more. If you have any questions, please email me.

This package is divided into two zip files, which are approximately 43-45 MB.

Download Adorable Mice Tubes Part 1

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