Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ButterflyWebGraphics.com?
A. ButterflyWebGraphics.com is a membership based clip art website that offers thousands of royalty- free, high-quality graphics mainly as PNG files . The site is frequently updated with new graphics. Members can access and download the graphics offered on this website and anything new that is released during their membership period

Q. What can I use the graphics for?
A. The graphics can be used for web design, commercial projects, t-shirt designs, scrapbook designs, printable cards, candy wrappers, print projects, address labels, business cards, newsletters, stationery, invitations, embroidery, crafts, banners, crafts you print, paper crafts, greeting cards, digital stamps, notelets, stickers, note cards, fundraising projects, address labels, cafe express items, incredimail, and much more. Please read my terms to learn more.

Q. Do you offer custom web, graphic design, or copywriting services?
A. No. Between this site and my novel writing, I don’t have the time.

Q. I just signed up, and I haven’t received my membership information.
A: I try to get your membership information out to you as soon as possible, but it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive your login information. Keep in mind that I’m a one person business, and I’m not on my computer all of the time. Sometimes my computer is down when I’m rendering, as creating these types of graphics takes considerable computer resources. Occasionally, I take a day off. I do check my email often though, and I do try to get your membership information to you as quickly as possible–even on the holidays. So please be patient. Keep in mind that your membership time doesn’t start until I send you your login information.

If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, write to me, because your email server may be blocking my email to you. Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts are notorious for this. AOL also sometimes blocks mail. And check your trash or spam can. Sometimes free email providers like Yahoo and Hotmail will automatically put email in your trash can.

Q. Where do you get your graphics?
A: I create them using 3D Software, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop. The Victorian images are from postcards, die cuts, and other antique prints, which I’ve purchased.

Q. I love your graphics, and I can’t wait to join, but I can’t seem to make a payment through PayPal. What can I do?
A. If you live in the USA, you can send a money order. Email me, and I’ll send you an address where you can send your payment.

Q. Every time I try to download a zip file, I’m prompted to log in again.
A. You must have cookies enabled on your computer. For more information on setting your cookies, click here. We use session “Cookies” which are small files placed on the hard drive of your computer to assist us in providing our services. Session cookies are automatically deleted from your hard drive once you end your session (exit the site or close your browser).

Q. How do I log out?
A. Simply exit the site or close your browser.

Q. What is a PSP tube?
A. A PSP tube is a Paint Shop Pro file with a transparent background. It’s the same thing as a PNG file, except that it can only be opened in Paint Shop pro. It can be stored in a folder on your computer like any other graphics. Or, you can add to your Paint Shop Pro tube folder and you can use it sort of like a rubber stamp and overlay it on other images. I highly recommend Paint Shop Pro to anyone who’s interested in creating graphics. It’s a great program, and you can download a trial copy at Corel.com.

Q. How do I use a PSP tube?
A. Download the PSP zip file. Extract the file to a directory of your choice. Open Paint Shop pro. Browse to the folder where you extracted the tube file and open the file. If you wish to save the image as a tube. Open the image and click on Export. Save the image in your tube folder. When you want to use the tube, simply click on the tube icon in Paint Shop Pro. It will bring up a selection of all of your saved tubes.

Please note: I don’t recommend that you store all of your graphics in your tube folder. That would significantly slow down Paint Shop Pro. Only store the images in your tube folder that you’d use frequently such as stars, fairy dust, flowers, etc. Store the rest in other folders on your hard-drive.

Q. Can I use your tubes to make stationary that I sell? A. Yes. The tubes and graphics may be used to design and sell nearly anything for profit, including print projects. For more information see the terms of use.

Q. Can I use your graphics to make signature tags?
A. Yes, but you must give credit to Butterflywebgraphics.com.

Q. I wish to resubscribe. How do I do that?
A. If you paid through Paypal, your membership is recurring, which means that you don’t have to do a thing to resubscribe. Paypal will automatically bill your credit card or debit your bank account every three months for three month subscribers and every six months for six month subscribers.

If you previously cancelled, you must sign up again.

If you paid by check or money order, you’ll need to send a payment in each time your payment is due.

Q. I don’t wish to resubscribe. How do I cancel my subscription? A. Click here to cancel your Membership or you can do so directly in your Paypal account. Please note that it is YOUR responsbility. I don’t offer refunds for subscriptions dues after a payment has gone through.

Q. Can I use your templates for a commercial site?
A. Yes. You can use them on your commercial site, but you can’t redistribute them as is. You must incorporate them into your art to create something unique.

Q. I accidentally signed up for a subscription twice. Can I have a refund for the second subscription?
A. That depends on whether you immediately brought the issue to my notice–immediately, meaning within 48 hours. For example, if you wait a month or two, then no, I will not offer you a refund for the second subscription, but I will extend your membership time by whatever extra you paid. Some customers purchase more than one subscription when they sign up, either as gifts or for employees so if I receive more than one subscription sign up notice from you, I don’t know that it’s an error. Typically, if I notice it, I will write to you about it, but the responsibility ultimately falls on you, and if you sign up twice, the error is yours.

Please do not sign up again if you already have an active subscription. If you can’t log in, write to me to make sure that your subscription is no longer active before you sign up again or you can check your subscription status at Paypal.

Q. Do you offer your graphics on a CD?
A. Not at this time.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Please feel free to email me.