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Country Sunflower Girls
Art Kit #1

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file size: 1.8 MB

This is the first in a series of mouse painted Country Art Kits that I'll be offering to members. Each kit will be comprised of original coordinating country graphics, including backgrounds and tubes, that you can use to create webpages, scrapbook pages, etc.

The images that I used to create this page design are from this kit.

I noticed when I put this page together that the Country Girls come out a little light around the edges, and so you may need to darken them by duplicating the layer that they're used on.

I added a slight drop shadow to every element I used on this page to give further depth to the images.

It is a considerable amount of work for me to put these kits together, so if you like these types of kits, please let me know, as I'm trying this on an experimental basis.

Good luck designing,
Bobette Bryan

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